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What do you do when you come across a tech-related issue? 🤔

You scrounge through the vast internet, searching for answers, correct? But what if you can’t find the right solution, or worse, it’s buried deep in the forums.

What started off with a college-student, attempting to fix an infuriating Snapchat issue, gave birth to this ambitious tech project, Pletaura.

Essentially, we at Pletaura, publish tech guides and how-to articles, helping fellow users navigate through solving common tech errors. So, you don’t have to read through numerous forum sites to get the right fix.

Instead, with our guides, we aim to present these solutions in the most readable and actionable manner. Plus, all these articles come with fitting images and screenshots, guiding you every step of the way!

As we grow, we aim to cover more highly-questioned and much-requested topics.

We only hope that you, the wonderful internet people, continue supporting us in our venture to solving tech problems and curating as many guides as possible.

Do follow us at our social media accounts (which you can find at the footer) to stay posted!

Thank you😊.

Saurabh Kovoor
[email protected]

Written by Saurabh Kovoor


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