How to Turn off Auto Scroll on Instagram

How to Fix the Instagram Scrolling Problem or to Turn Off Auto Scroll?

Are you tired of figuring out the steps to turn off auto scroll on Instagram or need fixes for the problems with scrolling on Instagram ūü§Ē? Don’t worry; we have a range of solutions to help you resolve the “Instagram automatically scrolling” issue. ūü•≥

Are you someone who enjoys viewing Instagram feeds or reels by scrolling yourself rather than having them auto-scroll? If yes, then there are different possible ways to do so!

Instagram has become a popular pastime for numerous people. This article will offer helpful tools and methods to provide an ideal solution to the issue of how to auto-scroll on Instagram. As a popular social media platform with billions of users, Instagram always uploads new content.

Consequently, users are presented with new content every second. Instagram keeps the user entertained with continuous shows and different content, so one is always energized. If you need ways to prevent auto-scrolling of Instagram, this article is for you as well. We will provide various tools and techniques to help you scroll through Instagram reels on your own.

The¬†“Auto Scroll on Instagram”¬†feature allows users to automatically scroll through their feed without manually swiping or tapping to advance to the next post. When this feature is enabled, the app will automatically scroll through the feed at a predetermined speed, allowing the user to sit back and watch their feed as it updates.

However, Instagram automatically scrolling can be an issue for users because it leads to an endless stream of posts and can take away from their ability to focus on the most relevant content. Auto-scrolling can also expose users to content they may not want to see, such as inappropriate images or videos. Additionally, it can be difficult for users to keep up with the content they see, as they have to scroll quickly to keep up with the pace of the auto-scroll. This can make users feel overwhelmed and frustrated, which is why they may want to stop auto-scrolling on Instagram.

So without further ado, let’s dive deep into the topic and explain why Instagram’s auto-scrolling can be problematic for some users and what potential solutions are available for fixing Instagram scrolling problems and to turn off auto scroll! ūüĎá



Why You May Want to Turn Off Auto Scroll on Instagram

Users may search for “how to stop Instagram from auto-scrolling”, if they no longer wish to have their feed automatically scroll due to many reasons, and we will discuss some of those reasons below.

  1. Users may become overwhelmed or need clarification on the amount of content presented to them at once.
  2. Users may miss content that is important to them as the auto-scroll feature moves quickly through content.
  3. Users may experience difficulty trying to find a particular post or account as the auto-scroll feature can make it challenging to navigate.
  4. Users may need more control over their content consumption as the auto-scroll feature moves quickly through content.
  5. Users may become annoyed with the intrusive nature of the auto-scroll feature, as it can make it difficult to focus on one particular post or account.

Instagram could allow users to turn off the auto-scroll feature or customize their scrolling speed to avoid annoying users. Additionally, Instagram could add more filters and sorting features to help users easily find the content that interests them.



Is it Possible to Disable Auto Scrolling on Instagram Directly?

No, auto scroll on Instagram is not an option that can be turned off directly from Instagram. The feature is automatic and cannot be disabled.

It is possible to auto-scroll on your Instagram, but unfortunately, Instagram does not have this feature directly. Luckily, some third-party applications support this feature and can be used on Instagram. In addition, this feature can also be used in the message section to scroll up and find someone’s old messages, which can be useful for people who frequently use Instagram for messaging.



How to Fix Instagram Scrolling Problem or Turn Off Auto Scroll?

Auto-scroll on Instagram is an automated process that is designed to make browsing automatic. Auto-scroll is not something that can be turned off directly from Instagram because it is an automated feature. When this¬†feature was first introduced, Instagram enabled users to disable it by going to their account settings and turning off the “auto-scroll”¬†option. However, this option was¬†later removed¬†for specific reasons; hence we can’t directly turn it off.

But we have found the 3 best possible alternative methods¬†to solve the Instagram automatic scrolling problem and make it manual ūüėÄ. The following are the 3 possible fixes.


1. Data Saver Mode

Data Saver Mode is a feature available on the Instagram mobile app which allows users to limit their data usage while using the app. This mode reduces the amount of data used by reducing the amount of content that is loaded in the background. With Data Saver Mode enabled, users will still be able to view and interact with posts, but images and videos will not load until they are actively clicked on. This will help to reduce data usage while still allowing users to engage with the app.

By enabling Data Saver Mode, users are able to stop Instagram from automatically scrolling through posts. This is because the app is not loading the content in the background, so it cannot scroll through posts. This can be very useful for those who want to save data or those who are in an area with a slow connection and want to reduce the amount of data their device is using. Additionally, this can be useful for those who want to take a break from using the app and don’t want to be bombarded with posts.

Data Saver Mode is a feature on Instagram that allows users to manage their data usage by limiting the amount of data used when scrolling through their feeds.

To stop Instagram from auto-scrolling using Data Saver Mode, follow these steps:

  1. First, log in to your Instagram account.
Enable Data Saver Mode to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


  1. From the Instagram home screen, tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
Enable Data Saver Mode to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


  1. Click on the three-dash icon in the top right corner of the profile screen.
Enable Data Saver Mode to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


  1. Click on settings.
Enable Data Saver Mode to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


  1. In settings, go to Account.
Enable Data Saver Mode to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


  1. In the accounts section, you will see Mobile data use mode, click on that.
Enable Data Saver Mode to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


  1. And now enable Data Saver mode for your device.
Enable Data Saver Mode to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


Once you have done this, Instagram will no longer auto-scroll when you are viewing your feed. You will need to manually scroll through the posts in order to view them. This will help to reduce your data usage and keep your device running smoothly.

If the newer version of Instagram does not have the data saver mode enabled, or you cannot turn off the auto-scroll feature, you can download the previous version of Instagram. Once you have the older version of Instagram installed, you can manually enable the data saver mode, which will help to reduce the amount of data used when you access the app.



2. Installing Third-Party Apps

Install third-party apps from App Store/Play Store to turn off auto scrolling on Instagram is a relatively simple process. First, you must search for the app in the App Store or Play Store. These apps typically have keywords such as “auto scroll”,¬†“scroll blocker”,¬†or “Instagram scroll”¬†in their titles, so they should be easy to find.

Once you’ve located the app, you will need to read the app’s description¬†to make sure it meets your needs. Once you’ve decided to install it, you will need to give the app permission to first access your Instagram account. After that, the app will be able to detect when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed, and it will be able to block the auto-scrolling feature.

This will allow you to scroll through your Instagram feed without it automatically scrolling manually.

  1. Open any of the Play store or App store on your device.
  2. Search for “Auto Scroll for Instagram.”
  3. Install the app.
  4. Open the app and select the “Settings”¬†option.
  5. Look for the toggle switch that says “Auto Scroll”¬†and turn it off.
  6. Close the app and open Instagram.

You should now be able to scroll through photos without the auto-scrolling feature. “Click assistant,” “easy scroll,” and “automatic scroll” are good options¬†for being used as third-party sources.



3. Using the Desktop Version of Instagram

Moving on, one can also use the website version of Instagram for example through the Google Chrome browser or mobile browser. The desktop version of Instagram on the Chrome browser is a way to access the full features of Instagram from a web browser.

This means that you can use the same account you have on the mobile app but with the added function of being able to navigate the website on a desktop computer. As for how to stop Instagram from auto-scrolling, this can be done by disabling the auto-play feature on your account.

You can do this by going to the Settings page and toggling the “inspect” option. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off auto scrolling on Instagram when using the desktop version of the app on Chrome.

Following are the steps to follow while using the desktop version of Instagram on the Chrome browser to stop Instagram from auto-scrolling:

  1. First, open the web browser and navigate to the desktop version of Instagram.
Using the desktop version of Instagram to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


  1. Once on the page, right-click anywhere, and select ‘Inspect’¬†from the dropdown menu, which will open a window with various options.
  2. In the ‘Elements’ tab, locate the section labeled ‘body’. Within that section, you will see a line that reads ‘overflow-y: scroll.’
the Instagram profile setting using css using the desktop version of Instagram to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


  1. Change the¬†‘scroll’ to ‘auto’¬†and press Enter, which will disable the auto-scrolling feature and allow you to scroll through the page as usual.
the Instagram profile setting using css using the desktop version of Instagram to fix Instagram scrolling problem or issue or turn off and disable auto scroll


The overflow-y CSS property¬†specifies how the content of an element should be visible when the content exceeds the element’s height. When the value has already been set to ‘scroll,’ the content will always show a scrollbar, regardless of how much content is present. When you set the value to ‘auto,’ the scrollbar will only appear when the content exceeds the element’s height.




To summarize this article,¬†we’ve discussed what could be the different reasons that lead the user to want to stop auto scroll on Instagram and 3 different ways to solve Instagram automatically scrolling problems.

Turning off auto scroll on Instagram will be a great way to make your Instagram experience better. It can help you stay more focused on the content you’re interested in and help you avoid the distraction of scrolling mindlessly through your feed.

With the help of the steps outlined above, you can quickly turn off auto scroll on Instagram and enjoy a more streamlined experience.

We hope that the information you located helped you resolve the issue of auto-scrolling on Instagram. ūüėä

Finally, feel free to share your views in the comments section below:

  1. Which type of scrolling would you prefer for Instagram?
  2. Have any of the above solutions been helpful to you?
  3. Have we overlooked any solutions? If so, please leave a comment to assist others.

I hope you find this guide helpful ūüėÉ do share it with your friends ūüßĎ‚Äćūü§Ě‚ÄćūüßĎ to help them in resolving this issue, and let us know in the comment section below ūüĎá which fix best suits you.



Frequently Asked Questions About Fixing Instagram Scrolling Problems or Turning Off Auto Scroll

How to Stop Instagram from Auto Scrolling?

Due to the new update in Instagram, there is no room for selecting manual scrolling. Instagram in previous versions disabling auto-scrolling was available. Still, now after the latest update, there is no button in the settings to stop Instagram from automatically scrolling, but there are some solutions you can use to prevent this from occurring. For this, look at the above 3 fixes, which include enabling Data Saver mode, installing third-party apps, or using and configuring the web version of Instagram on Chrome.


How to Turn Off Auto Scrolling on Instagram?

Presently, there is no way to turn off this Instagram feature directly. Nevertheless, you can try other approaches to address your Instagram scrolling troubles, such as reverting to an older version or utilizing the desktop version. Look at fix 2 and fix 3 for detailed answers.


Does Instagram Have Auto-Scroll?

Recently, Instagram made an update that enabled its users to scroll through content effortlessly. After a few seconds of viewing the current post, the next one will automatically appear on the screen, eliminating the need to scroll manually. They finished the manual scrolling option from their settings.


Why Does Instagram Automatically Scroll?

Instagram keeps auto-scrolling to ensure that users are exposed to a variety of content in their feeds, which helps to keep users engaged and encourages them to explore content from different accounts. Additionally, it allows Instagram to personalize the content users see in their feeds based on what Instagram predicts will be most interesting for them.


How Do You Scroll Reels on Instagram?

To scroll through reels on Instagram, On the Explore page, you will see a section of Reels at the top of the page. You can then scroll through the Reels by swiping left or right on the screen. Additionally, you can use the arrows at the bottom of the page to scroll through the Reels.


Why is Instagram Scrolling so Weird?

Instagram scrolling can be weird due to a variety of factors. One of the main issues is that Instagram’s feed is constantly changing,¬†with new posts and updates continually being added. So auto-scroll can cause the feed to jump around, making it difficult to follow a single thread¬†or thought.

Additionally, the algorithm used to display posts is constantly being tweaked and adjusted, making it difficult to predict what content will appear. Finally, the scrolling experience can be affected by user settings, such as whether autoplay is enabled or not. All of these elements can contribute to a weird and disorienting scrolling experience.


How To Turn Off Auto Scroll on iPhone?

If you are tired of having Instagram scroll automatically on your iPhone, you can turn it off. Background refresh¬†is a feature of iOS¬†that allows apps to update their content even when they are not used actively. When the background refresh feature¬†is enabled, the iPhone will automatically pull content from the app and scroll through it, even if you don’t use it actively.

This can be very useful for keeping up with the latest news, posts, and updates from your favorite apps, but it can also be a nuisance if it causes unexpected scrolling or data usage.

Turning off auto-scrolling on your iPhone¬†will stop your phone from automatically scrolling through Instagram and any other apps you have enabled background refresh. Additionally, if you have a newer version of iOS, you can also choose to turn off background app refresh for specific apps, allowing you to keep the feature enabled for the apps you want while disabling it for those you don’t.


How to Disable Snap Scrolling Instagram on Android?

Snap scrolling is a feature in the Instagram app for Android which allows users to quickly scroll through their feed without having to swipe or tap on each photo. To disable this feature, you will need to open the Settings menu of your device, go to the¬†“Accessibility” section, and then find the “Snap Scrolling”¬†option. Once you have found it, you can toggle it off to disable the feature. Or you can also use any of the above 3 fixes.



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